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A message from the President

Aiming to make contributions to society through ICT development

InfoCom Research, Inc., Tsutomu Shindo (President/Representative Director) Japan is reaching its biggest turning point with various challenges; such as acceleration of demographic aging, decline of working population, increase of social benefit expenditure, as well as restructuring of aging social infrastructure and post-quake reconstruction.

Under such circumstances, the ICT utilization is considered as a crucial part of economic growth and solving social problem. For instance, progress of mobilization, establishment of cloud services and SNS, evolution of sensor network could create innovative and value-added industry which could lead to revitalizing the existing industries. Additionally, these innovations would lead to new services; furthermore, becomes potential solution to various industries such as healthcare, environment, energy, and disaster prevention.

In the era of reform and competition described above, as a think tank that specialize in the field of ICT, InfoCom Research Inc. provides surveys, researches, and consulting services on such themes and issues as; how ICT utilization could change or impact social-economic environment and our everyday life. Our research and consulting covers various fields such as policy and regulation, management strategies, marketing, cooperate governance, community, information systems.

With ICT provider and user perspective, we strive to provide best solutions for our corporate customer, furthermore, contributing in the growth of ICT industry and enhancing the convenience of ICT services.

InfoCom Research, Inc.
President & CEO
Hiroshi Ohira

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